Age of Opportunity


Age of Opportunity


Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens


Paul David Tripp

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Parenting teenagers often times is seen as something to get through or even as an interruption to parents’ lives. Author Paul Tripp offers another viewpoint to the generally dreaded, tumultuous teenage years.

Tripp identifies the teenage years as significant opportunities to connect with your teen, listen to them and shepherd their hearts. He shares stories from raising his own children with directness and wit. Age of Opportunity is based on biblical principles and offers practical advice for parents of teens. This book will challenge parents to look at themselves and their own heart’s motivation as well as bring hope when at times it feels hopeless.

Tripp says, “It is my experience that when parents begin to recognize, own, confess and turn from their own wrong heart attitudes and the wrong actions that flow from them, the result is a marked difference in their relationship to their teen and in the way they view the struggle of the teen years. When we look with concerned eyes toward the teen years, we need to look not only at our children, but also at ourselves. Parents who are humbly willing to change, position themselves to be God’s instruments of change.”

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