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Everyone at Gilstrap and Associates has been so helpful in working with my kids and helping them through such difficult times. The compassion and child focus that is shown here is what it is most impactful in not only choosing them for my children’s therapy but what continues to have me bringing them back.


I can’t say enough about how instrumental this place has been for bringing our family back together. The staff cared for us as we were falling apart and skillfully, patiently dug into what the issues were for each of us. Jessica in particular did not shy away from important questions that were uncomfortable but necessary to answer, uncovering places of deep hurt that needed healing. I believe her challenges to us have been inspired and the healing we’ve received has been so freeing. I’ve been amazed at the miracles here, how our family and our daughter have completely turned around. I give Gilstrap and Associates my highest recommendation for you, your loved ones and friends.


So glad I found Jessica at Gilstrap & Associates. I was really having a hard time coming to terms with some things in my life and she helped me see things I couldn't see and plan actions I could take to help. The actions worked and I find myself in a much better place than I was before I started seeing her.


Jessica is the best LMHC I have had. The office has always been so kind and helpful. Upon retiring from the military I was struggling, and with military healthcare and the VA it was a rotating group of mental health counselors. I have now been with Jessica for 4 years now and she has helped me make so many improvements in my mental health and she is always there to help. I love going to her office!


I was referred to this office by my PCP for an ADHD evaluation with Sarah as a 26 year old male. I was skeptical at first because I had heard so many stories of adults being misdiagnosed both typical and atypical for ADD/ADHD. Upon my arrival, I was a little thrown off as the office looks like a house and there was a dog inside. I thought I had entered into someone's home. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the office has a "support dog" that runs around on special days. I felt this was a nice touch for those who needed some love. The staff was extra attentive and friendly to me as soon as I walked in, making sure I was okay with the dog. Having previously participated in mental health counseling I wasn't expecting anything special, however Sarah blew me away. It was the first time I felt that I was seen, heard, and respected in a mental health visit. She took care to thoroughly go through all my symptoms, both validating how I felt and providing me with a lens to look through for my different symptoms. While I cannot afford (low income college student) to continue with therapy after my evaluation, I would HIGHLY recommend Sarah to anyone in need of assistance. She was willing to work with both my financial and time needs and found a fair compromise in both. Thank you so much for helping me feel "normal". You guys are the best 🙂


Jessica Gilstrap is a top notch mental health professional. She is highly skilled in complex trauma surrounding divorce and understands the importance of a whole family solution for a whole family problem. When working with a family system, Jessica is highly skilled in working with each family member, teaching skills so that children of divorce benefit from a healthy relationship with both parents. I highly recommend Jessica and her team if you are going through a high conflict divorce and need a compassionate and competent mental health professional. She is our go to person for families we serve in the Central Florida area.


The team at Gilstrap are some of the most caring people I've ever met. My son's counselor has been wonderful and a big help to him. Plus, she has been a great communicator with me and my husband so we understand how we can best help our son in between sessions. Gilstrap does not take our insurance, but our insurance company reimburses us. Gilstrap's admin team has always been helpful in providing the documents we need for reimbursement. Thank you, Gilstrap team!


I have always had a great experience working with a therapist here. Everyone is always friendly and prompt. They are also willing to work with your budget within reason. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking a new therapist.


I counsel with Jessica and she is amazing! 10/10 would recommend


I have always had a great experience working with a therapist here. Everyone is always friendly and prompt. They are also willing to work with your budget within reason. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking a new therapist.

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