Employee Assistance Program Alternative

A better way to build a strong and stable workforce.

Many employers utilize an Employee Assistance Program to help their employees get mental health care outside of their standard health insurance plan. However, typically less than 1% of employees will utilize a traditional EAP service. This is mostly due to a number of barriers placed between the client and provider. Gilstrap & Associates offers an EAP alternative that has as high as 30% participation of employees and their dependents.

A more affordable option for employers AND employees.

Gilstrap & Associates offers employers a way to customize their EAP services in a way that removes boundaries for employees seeking mental health counseling. We offer a flat fee-for-service to employers. This means that employees pay nothing and employers no longer pay for services that are not being utilized. This unique process allows employees to get help before a “crisis event” occurs. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of expensive and unpredictable insurance claims.

A proactive approach to mental health.

Preventative health can be a large contributor to lowering health care costs. An EAP through Gilstrap & Associates empowers employees and their dependents to get the help they need at the time they need it. We also work closely with inpatient facilities to reduce costs to employers.

A higher level of care and service.

When employees need help, they call our full-service counseling center directly; no more 1-800 numbers, no automated voicemail. Just a real person to talk with who will listen and provide immediate follow-up. As responsible stewards of employer’s dollars, we focus on helping employees who take their counseling seriously and are also fully engaged in the therapeutic process.

With the Affordable Care Act further expanding the coverage mandated as well as the Mental Health Parity Law, an EAP through Gilstrap & Associates can help employers strengthen their commitment to employee mental health.

Gilstrap & Associates has spent years cultivating our EAP services. We have helped organizations large and small elevate the quality of mental health care while lowering overall health care costs. Specifically tailored to your organization’s needs, an EAP through Gilstrap & Associates delivers tremendous benefits to your organization. To find out what an EAP through Gilstrap & Associates can do for your team, contact us today.

Additional Employer Services

Employee Testing

Gilstrap & Associates can assist with psychological evaluations and testing of employees both before and after hire. Our psychological evaluations offer more comprehensive data than many of our competitors and often at a reduced cost. Therefore, employers have the vital information necessary to make critical personnel decisions regarding all levels within the organization. This can be especially important with positions that impact public and workplace safety.

Behavioral Correction

Gilstrap & Associates can provide critical incident assessments and last-chance/corrective behavioral treatment plans for employees displaying workplace violence and other behavior related problems at the work site.


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