Gilstrap & Associates Racial Injustice Statement

Gilstrap & Associates Racial Injustice Statement

Our hearts are heavy with the nation’s history of violence and racism that continues to target the African American community. There are many of us hurting in the world right now and there is unimaginable hurt in the African American communities around the world. We cannot remain silent. While we’re still breathing silence can’t be an option.

We’ve watched in pain the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor in addition to the many other African Americans that have lost their lives.

Gilstrap and Associates is encouraged and inspired by the joining of other individuals, companies and organizations that are not only bringing awareness but making the necessary steps to make sure that a change is made. We join the African American communities in these efforts to dig deeper into racial injustice.

As a company we have started having difficult yet appropriate conversations with our team, that we will continue to have and encourage. We have listened to our team members and have begun to discuss how we can use our platform as therapists to not turn away from the many racial injustices happening around us. It is our responsibility to not only bring awareness to others but also to encourage, change, have kindness and compassion for everyone.

We would like to show our gratitude for the millions of people that have peacefully protested, participated in voting, made donations, and created or signed petitions to consistently contribute to making positive changes and ending injustices against African Americans.


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