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Licensed Mental Health Counselor #7186
RTM (Reconciliation of Traumatic Memories) Certified Therapist
A.R.T. Certified Therapist
Qualified Supervisor for the State of Florida

Jessica has a passion for working with children, adolescents and families who have “lost their way.” With over 25 years of counseling experience, she specializes in helping people move towards restoration, healing and hope in all aspects of life.  As she has grown and gained much more experience in her career, she has worked  with more children and teenagers that have been caught in the middle of high conflict between their parents.  She works closely with many attorneys, GALS (guardian ad Litem), and other therapists and social workers for her clients.  It is her passion to see parents stop fighting and learn to love their children more than they dislike or even "hate" their "ex".  It can be done, it is a process, sometimes a long process, but it can be done!

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

I married a Navy submariner, and our family endured many deployments while raising young children. We have a blended family with four young children. Our oldest I raised as a single mom for a few years, our second we adopted, and our third and fourth are biological. I can especially relate to the difficulties that young women, single mothers, blended families and military families endure.

Mental Health Student Intern

I have a passion for helping those around me, no matter what stage of life they are in.  Growing up, my family helped instill in me a love of traveling. While I like to visit new places and see new sites, my favorite part of every trip is the chance to meet new people along the way. I love getting the chance to sit with others and hear their own personal story.

Mental Health Counselor Student Intern

Hello and thank you for stopping by. As a single dad roughly 20 years ago, I met my wonderful wife. She helped me raise my oldest who is now in the Navy, and we continue to raise our teen. Helping people navigate difficult situations is something I enjoyed as a Marine, business owner, and government employee. When not learning something new or helping others, I enjoy fitness, cooking, and time with family.


Mental Health Counselor Student Intern

My father was military for 20 years; together my parents had 11 children and I am a twin. I was a widow for 12 years; today, I am married, and a proud grandmother of three. I have a passion to help others overcome challenges they face, understand their self and discover something new that will lead them into significant moments of healing and change.


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