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What is your main goal when working with a client?

My main goal in working with a client is to honor their life and experiences, yet provide them a platform
to think through and process their life as they view it. My goal is to encourage, educate, help unpack all
the challenges that one faces, with an objective, yet evidenced based perspective. I like to use a
collaborative approach; I am prepared to join my clients in discovering how to heal and grow. The goal is
to strengthen and promote my clients to utilize the tools, resources, and abilities they possess to
overcome their struggle. I do not enter the counseling relationship as a superior and attempt to fix
anyone. Rather, I join my clients on their journey and act in a supportive role.

What is your approach and what methods do you employ?

My approach to therapy can vary depending on the need, but I gravitate towards client/person-
centered, holistic/integrative, and employ cognitive behavioral techniques. It is important to honor the
whole person and that begins with understanding the history of a person, their experiences, and how
that person’s life has been shaped. Each person comes to therapy with their own core beliefs,
worldview, and experiences. It is important that I meet each person where they are and help walk
alongside them as a support.

What age groups do you most often work with?

I can work with a variety of age groups; my strengths are adults, more specifically women. I also enjoy
working with moms who have challenges with postpartum and also church leadership and church
planting families.
Having been in the ministry firsthand, I understand what the pastor and his wife and children endure. I
also understand what church leadership members encounter and how their life in the mission field is
affected. I am here to support, encourage, and spur on the family in ministry.

Are you passive or active in the session, what can a client typically expect sessions to be like while working with you?

In working with clients from all walks of life, it is important to adapt to the clients needs. Within that
framework, I believe it is important for me to meet my clients where they are, sometimes this means
taking many different approaches. A client can typically expect that I will meet them with empathy and

understanding. Having been through many traumas personally, I provide an honest space for a client to
be their authentic self, one without judgement and a space to discover, learn, and grow.

What is your background and what are your credentials?

I was born in New York and raised in Central Florida. I have been here since the early 80’s, I studied
nursing at Valencia Community College for 6 years and left the program to attend doula training. I did
doula work for 7 years working with local families, doctors, and midwives in the Central Florida area. I
obtained my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a cognate in Christian counseling in 2017. I have
homeschooled my children on and off for 6-7 years. Additionally, my husband and I have been bi-
vocational church planters and led youth group for a few years. We are currently raising our teenage
children and enjoying our fur babies as well. We love Jesus, Disney, theme parks, dining, camping, and
anything to be together as a family. I look forward to meeting you and joining you in your healing

What is the reason you decided to get into counseling?

As a young child, I had many challenges that shaped who I am today. Through those experiences, I
sought to find a career that enabled me to encourage and help people who shared similar life
experiences. I began my academic journey first as a nursing student, who aspired to become a labor and
delivery nurse. That journey routed me away from nursing in 2012 and towards doula work, as a means
to honor women in their birthing process. Once in that field, it quickly became apparent that my desires
and joy stemmed from walking alongside individuals who struggled with a variety of life challenges. It
was at that point that individuals in my circle of influence confirmed that counseling was the route I
needed to go.
After much consideration and prayer, I agreed that together with my life experiences, challenges, and
training, I would be able to partner with individuals, for the purpose of educating, encouraging, and
honoring their life struggle. I would like to provide my clients with a holistic approach that considers
their whole person, regardless of their faith, background, and walk of life. It’s not about where you’ve
been, but where you are going!

Tell us about your education.

I graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Psychology, cognate in Christian Counseling in 2017. I
am currently concluding my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. I am
currently a member of AACC – American Association of Christian Counselors since 2019, a member of
APA – American Psychological Association since 2019, and a member of PSI – Postpartum Support
International since 2019.


Bachelor's degree in Psychology

Liberty University

Member of America Association of Christian Counselors


American Association of Counselors


Postpartum Support International

Currently Pursuing Master of Art in Mental Health Counseling

Liberty University

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