Licensed Mental Health Counselor #17909

My areas of expertise are in young adults (especially those who are transitioning to a new phase of life), adolescents, kids, anxiety, perfectionism, self-esteem, and spiritual issues.

What is your main goal when working with a client?

I love meeting people wherever they are and walking with them on their unique journey to where they want to be. I want my client to feel understood, accepted, and challenged.

What is your approach and what methods do you employ?

My foundational approach to counseling is from a client-centered perspective. I believe everyone has the capacity for growth and change when given an empathetic, accepting environment to do so. I also utilize techniques from strengths-based approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and expressive arts. I depend on the therapeutic relationship to assess where the client is at, and what I can do to help them.

What age groups do you most often work with?

I typically work with 13-25-year-olds.

Are you passive or active in the session, what can a client typically expect sessions to be like while working with you?

I lean towards being more active and interactive in session. However there are times when the client needs a more passive approach, so I adapt to their needs. Each session is different. I get to know my clients and then tailor the session to them. Clients can expect a safe, non-judgmental space to be honest and vulnerable.

What is your background and what are your credentials?

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I was born and raised in the Southwest Orlando area. I left Orlando for my undergraduate years at UF (GO GATORS!), but came back to Orlando for graduate school and have stayed since! I love having my family nearby and that I get to visit our family dog as often as I can. I am married to the love of my life and enjoy going on adventures with him in our spare time. I love Jesus, dogs, coffee shops, bike trails, the Florida Gators, games, and dinner with friends.

What is the reason you decided to get into counseling?

I think two of the most important needs in this world is to be understood and to make genuine connections with others. I believe the therapeutic relationship can help equip clients with the necessary tools to get those needs met outside of the counseling office and to truly thrive.

Tell us about your education.

I went to the University of Florida for my undergrad and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. Then I went to the University of Central Florida for graduate school and graduated with an M.A. in Counselor Education in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling track.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

University of Florida

Member of American Counseling Association


Trained in Trauma-Focused CBT


Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling

University of Central Florida

National Certified Counselor (NCC)


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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